I admired Beth's focus on honoring the variety of needs of families. In conversation, I always felt our wishes were respected, and "other" views, when mentioned, were given equal respect.

I appreciated her postpartum support and availability when I had questions and concerns, especially in regards to breastfeeding. I felt like it was easy to feel comfortable with her and trust her guidance. 

She always had answers to my questions, was always super kind and informed and never made me feel shy or awkward about anything. Beth was so nice, professional, gentle, super patient, and strived to do her best. She knew what do when, and always had my best interest in mind. She always took the right precautions. 

Beth was very calm, straightforward, reassuring and confident when I was bleeding postpartum, and let me know what was going on without interrupting the special energy we had in the room with our brand new baby.

Beth cared for me holistically from the very beginning. She listened to me, gave empathy and responded always in honesty and intentionality. She is very respectful, has healthy boundaries, is friendly while remaining professional and super relational. She is always gentle and kind, consistent and trustworthy. Every meeting we had was so encouraging, giving me courage in my pregnancy and making my experience unforgettable in the best of ways.

I never felt Beth was in a hurry. She gave me information to help with decision making, the reasons behind screenings, and her philosophy of care without ever being pushy at all. She truly allowed us to be "in charge" during labor and gave helpful reassurance when needed.

Beth provided excellent care throughout the entire pregnancy and birth, as well as postpartum. I really appreciated the access to a care provider who was extremely knowledgeable in their field and up to date with current research / medical knowledge. 

Beth presented me with my options for care/treatment in a way that I could understand - and took the time and care to ensure I did understand. She respected my decision-making while imparting her knowledge and experience, which I needed! Her warmth and compassion went a long way too, from the very beginning. 

I really appreciated when she would you say "that is more of a parenting decision." It is helpful for new parents to know the difference and be empowered/encouraged.

Beth paid attention to me and my baby and what our needs were instead of treating us like just another woman and baby. I always felt comfortable with her and her professional instructions and suggestions. She was very gentle with our child, treating her like she was her own. I wish more medical care followed the standards Beth practices by. 

Beth is a very good listener and very calm and collected, even when there were potential issues. Her calm demeaner helped me be calm. I never felt "talked down to," always felt very respected. I felt very supported by Beth and her encouraging words that helped build trust. I felt very confident in her and still do. 

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