I strive to provide my clients with compassionate, respectful, evidence-based care. Being a mother myself, I know how influential my birth experiences and the people who supported me through them have been on me as a mother, a woman, and a midwife. I absolutely adore babies and feel that they should be treated as conscious beings from the time I first encounter them (in the womb) until I lay my hands (and stethoscope, etc.) on them. I am grateful to be able to do what I love and to be witness to loving families who all have something to teach me. I choose to practice as a solo midwife because I so value the opportunity to really get to know my clients and offer them the level of continuity of care that I so appreciated as a recipient of midwifery care.

And a bio . . .

I moved to Bellingham in 1996 in pursuit of an education, and fell in love with the place - both geographically and for the community. I studied early childhood education, human development, women's literature, and psychology and graduated from Western Washington University in 2002. I blossomed as a doula and childbirth educator after taking courses at Seattle Midwifery School in 2003. 

After giving birth to three children, each with unique birth experiences, I embraced the call to midwifery and enrolled in midwifery school in 2008.

I received my midwifery license from the WA state Department of Health in July of 2012. I've since enjoyed serving Salish Sea Midwifery families in my home-like office, at the Bellingham Birth Center, and in the homes of the families I serve. 

In 2016 I returned to school to pursue a Master's degree in Maternal Child Health Systems. In this intensive one year program, I dove deeper into the challenges and solutions for our health systems, including addressing the challenges of systemic/institutionalized racism and disparities in outcomes for black, indigenous, and people of color, especially when it comes to pregnancy, birth, postpartum and infancy. In June of 2017, I received an MA from Bastyr University. I have used the knowledge gained from the program, along with my experience as a midwife to serve on the Board of Midwives Association of Washington State (2017-2021), and as a member of the Smooth Transitions local and statewide workgroups, using inter-professional collaboration to improve experiences for families transferring from the care of community/Licensed Midwives into hospitals when needed. I joined the adjunct faculty of Bastyr University's Midwifery Department in 2021 and enjoy sharing with, and being inspired by, the midwives of the future.

To me, midwifery is both a profession and a calling which allows me to truly care for pregnant and birthing people, nurture and respect newborns, include all parents, siblings and loved ones, and embrace the life-altering process that the giving of new life is. Midwifery truly is an art and a science - a place where evidence-based care combines with ancient wisdom, compassion, and respect for the fact that we are each individuals who have different needs and desires.

I love to read, explore nature, enjoy great music, and learn and grow with my three children and beloved friends and family.